Program Overview


L.E.A.N. advocates for policy change through:

  • Public speaking at schools, community gatherings, conferences, trainings, and before legislative bodies;

  • Engaging in storytelling campaigns that raise the voices of those affected by police brutality; and

  • Advising systems of the affect police violence has on families and the community.



L.E.A.N. participates in policy advocacy campaigns aimed to end racial profiling, increase police transparency and accountability, and bring criminal justice reform.

  • AB 953 - Racial and Identity Profiling Act
    In 2014, Theresa Smith participated in education campaigns for AB 953: California’s Racial and Identity Profiling Act. She presented to communities across California in the AB 953 caravan to educate and draw support for the legislation.

  • Prop 47
    L.E.A.N. has also advocated for the effective implementation of Prop 47. In 2015, L.E.A.N. discussed Prop 47 implementation in Orange County with Linda Penner, the Chair of the Board of State and Community Corrections. To follow up on her advocacy, she has spoken in front of the Orange County Community Corrections Partnership as they have planned Prop 47 funding.

  • Transparency in Police Misconduct Records
    In 2016, Theresa met with legislators in Orange County to encourage them to support SB 1286 that would increase transparency of police officer misconduct records and strengthen civilian oversight bodies.

  • Public Education and Advocacy
    Theresa participated on a panel at the 2016 National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) conference.